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Commander Chuck’s On Time Traffic Network has the State of Tennessee’s LARGEST captured electronic media platform. How is this possible?

Add up all 90+ radio stations up & down the radio dial. Use this platform to promote your product and service. No other traffic network in Tennessee can expose your message to as many different demographics as On Time Traffic can, Itʼs affordable and tailored for your budget!

Wikipedia reports 4,852,096 people in the Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville & Chattanooga MSA’s (Metropolitan Statistical Areas).

Commander Chuck’s On Time Traffic offers you Tennessee’s only radio Traffic Network that carries such a wide variety of radio formats with different demographics such as Country, Adult Hits, Sports Talk, News Talk, Religious, Jazz, Gospel. Every demographic out there gets stuck in morning or afternoon rush hour traffic!

On Time Traffic offers just the right amount of “Reach & Frequency” in order to make your campaign successful!

SUMMARY: You're getting 90+ radio stations in Tennessee to broadcast your message within our traffic reports. Your message stands out as part of the traffic reports that listeners depend on, and trust, and is not part of a long commercial block that listeners try to avoid!


Tennessee’s Metropolitan Statistical Area/MSA


The current estimated population for 2018 is 4,852,096 Tennessee currently has a growth rate of 0.86%, which ranks 23rd in the country.

•Nashville Population 1,903,027

•Memphis Population 1,324,108

•Knoxville Population 1,096,961

•Chattanooga Population 528,000

Total 4,852,096 MSA Population

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We help businesses reach listeners in the Nashville and Knoxville areas and “DRIVE TRAFFIC” to their doors.

Tremendous Reach:

Our network allows businesses the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of listeners simultaneously.

Appointment Listening:

Our Traffic programming is “appointment listening” – listeners seek it out on the radio dial.  There’s no clutter to compete with – listeners want the information we’re providing, and messages are embedded right in the report. 

Trusted Source:

Listeners trust On Time Traffic for their traffic updates and trust the sponsors that provide this service to them.


Live read sponsorships allow an advertiser to be more relevant to consumers. Run copy based on day-part, day, format, weather conditions.


Connect with consumers when they seek out daily content and decisions are being made. Traffic, news and weather are the most popular programming elements outside of music*

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