Commander Chuck Johnson is the most heard major market traffic reporter up and down the radio dial in the entire State of Tennessee. Period!
How is this possible? Commander Chuck provides traffic reports on 35 radio outlets. 28 radio stations in Nashville and 7 radio stations in Knoxville.

Then factor these traffic reports run during the stations prime time slots aka “Drive Times”.

Then you have to factor in the geographical areas where these radio listeners are. Two of the largest cities within the State of Tennessee. Wikipedia reports Nashville has a MSA of 1,830,345 and Knoxville’s MSA is 1,096,961. That’s a combined total of 2,927,306 people. That’s just shy of 3 Millions People!

No other traffic reporter is heard by more radio listeners in the entire State of Tennessee than Commander Chuck! What does all this mean for you? It’s Simple. This much coverage and exposure for your product or service equals Money!