Radio Advertising Knoxville TN

Traffic problems can make people less productive and more stressed. People try different things like finding different ways to go, using buses or trains, or changing their schedules to deal with traffic. This is where On Time Traffic comes in. As a reliable provider of the latest traffic updates, we have earned the trust of numerous commuters in and around Knoxville, TN.

So, by advertising with us, you promote your business and connect with a broad audience. We have built up a large audience of listeners who trust us with their travel needs. Our advertisers can also count on this trust, which gives them a unique chance to make a lasting impact.

Grow Your Reach With Radio Advertising Knoxville TN Trusts

Extensive Reach

With our large listener base, your message reaches a wide audience in Knoxville and beyond. We cover a diverse range of listeners, making sure your ads get maximum exposure. This broad reach is perfect for brands looking to make a significant impact. Your message resonates far and wide with us, giving you the visibility you deserve.

Targeted Audience

We offer the ability to customize your ads to reach specific demographics. This targeting is based on time slots and programming content, allowing you to connect with your ideal audience. Our strategic placement makes sure your message hits the mark, whether you are aiming for young adults, professionals, or families. Thus, targeting the right audience makes your advertising more effective and impactful.

Local Influence

Our local influence helps your brand become a familiar name among listeners. This connection is invaluable for building trust and loyalty. So, with our help, your brand becomes a recognized part of the local landscape.


Repetition is important in advertising. We broadcast your message multiple times to make sure it sticks with listeners. This frequency strategy boosts recall and recognition, making sure your audience remembers your brand. Furthermore, the more they hear your message, the more likely they are to act on it. Our approach makes sure your advertising efforts yield results.


Radio advertising is known for its high return on investment. Compared to other forms of media advertising, it offers cost-effective solutions without sacrificing reach or impact. Hence, this affordability makes it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.


Check Out Commander Chuck In This Recent Article…


Radio Advertising Knoxville TN
Never before has a Tennessee Traffic Reporter provided such a way to not only tell you about the traffic conditions but visually take you to the traffic problems in Real Time.
Commander Chuck, who has been a Helicopter & Airplane Pilot since 1992, is at the top of his game after 30 plus years as a Tennessee Traffic Reporter.

No other Tennessee Traffic Reporter has ever accomplished anything like this before. 

Commander Chuck is the “ONLY” Tennessee Broadcaster to ever be heard on over 100 plus Tennessee Radio Stations in the History of the Tennessee Radio Hall of Fame.